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Single string alternate picking



Single string alternate picking is most essential for playing lead guitar. Combined with hammer-ons and pull-offs, alternate picking gives you the ability to powerfully express yourself on guitar.

The only reason to employ alternate picking is SPEED as I demonstrate here. You can probably get away with all downstrokes with the quarter and eighth notes, but the sixteenths demand alternate picking.

When you begin to learn the scales necessary for playing lead guitar, you'll need to practice them with alternate picking. (Powerful Modal Theory and Soloing" IGC) Otherwise your playing will be "crippled" from inefficient technique!

Notice that I'm holding my pick with plenty of tip for the strings. I also attack the string with the pick at an angle. This allows me to dig into the string enough for a solid sound without getting "bogged down" below the string.

As with all techniques, timing is critical here! Practice your alternate picking with the metronome in this IGC or play along with me in the clip.

I can't stress timing enough. Notice that I didn't use a metronome in the clip, yet my timing is right on! :-) That's your goal.



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