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Monster Tapping Techniques Introduction

Tapping Mechanics
Introduction - Distortion, Hammers And Pulls, Lose Your Pick, Anchors
Bending And Tapping
Vibrato And Tapping

Single String Tapping Arpeggios

Single String Arpeggio Relationships - Major, Minor, Add4 (sus4), Add2 (sus2)
Alternating Taps - Minor 3rd And Add2
Alternating Taps With Right Hand Movement - Minor 3rd And Add2

Alternating Taps - Add4 And Major 3rd

Single String Arpeggio Movement

Open String Arpeggios - Example 1

Open String Arpeggios - Example 2

Multi-String Tapping Arpeggios

Introduction - Tapping Fingers Coordination

Arpeggio Example 1 - E Minor Triplets

Arpeggio Example 2 - E Minor Eighths

Arpeggio Example 3 - D Major Melodic Idea

Double Stops - Example 1 - 4ths Ideas

Double Stops - Example 2 - 4ths Ideas

Open Triads - Example 1 - G Major

Open Triads - Example 2 - G Major Melody Idea

Echo Tapping

A Pentatonic Minor - Patterns 1 And 3

A Pentatonic Minor - Patterns 2 And 4

A Pentatonic Minor - Patterns 3 And 5

A Pentatonic Minor Octaves - Pattern 1

Octave 5ths - Example 1

Octave 5ths - Example 2

Diatonic Extended Intervals - G Ionian
Pedal Points - Melodic Idea 1

Pedal Points - Melodic Idea 2

Arpeggio Intervals Melodic Idea 1 - D Major
Arpeggio Intervals Melodic Idea 2 - D Major

Arpeggio Intervals Melodic Idea 3 - D Major

Interval Tapping
A Pentatonic Blues Minor - Patterns 1 And 2
Diatonic Modal Scales - B Phrygian Melodic Idea 1

Diatonic Modal Scales - B Phrygian Melodic Idea 2

Melodic Chords - Example 1 - A Major Octaves

Melodic Chords - Example 2 - A Major Melodies

Single String Extended Scale Idea - G Ionian

Multi-String Extended Scale Idea - G Ionian

Sliding The Tap
Slurs And Taps

Tapping Harmonics
String Attack And Fret Spacings
Single String Tapped Harmonics

A Major Chord - 12 Fret Octaves

A Major Chord - 7 Fret Perfect 5ths

A Major Chord - 5 Fret Double Octaves

A Major Chord - 4 Fret Double Octave Major 3rds

Scales And Notes - Idea 1 - A Blues 12 Fret Octaves

Scales And Notes - Idea 2 - B Phrygian Melody 7 Fret Perfect 5ths

Arpeggios - Stationary E Major (I) And A Major (IV) Arpeggios


Pick Tapping
Holding The Pick

Pick Tapping And Sliding

Tremelo Tapping (aka Really Fast Pedal Points!)

Cool Effect - "Digital Tapping"



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