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fullness of time - verse melody


Audio Clip From Living Digits

Continuing on with this song, this is the part that's intertwined with the main riff from the previous page. This can be pretty challenging. It uses alternate right hand picking along with sweeping arpeggios.

The key to understanding this lick is the left hand fingering. All I'm doing is creating a melody from the G major barre chord (C shape) at the 10th fret. Make the barre chord at the 10th and then look at the music notation. You'll soon see where I'm coming from. The G chord licks are then followed by an Em11 sweeping arpeggio on the first pass and the an Am9 arpeggio on the second pass.

I don't discuss sweep picking here but you can learn all about it in my other Interactive Guitar Clinic
"Sweep Picking and Arpeggios".




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