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riffs, licks, chops and melodies INTRODUCTION


This IGC entitled Riffs, Licks, Chops and Melodies exposes you to a wide array of technical and melodic approaches that I used in composing and performing the music for Living Digits.

Wide array, meaning that while some of the melodies might not seem too difficult, some are extremely difficult to execute properly.

Some of the techniques presented include, advanced hammer-ons, alternate picking, right hand tapping, string muffling, sweep picking and string-selective picking for playing riffs. Your ultimate goal is be able to use these techniques effortlessly in your playing style.

I selected at least one section from each of the eight tunes on the CD for study and the ones that I thought were the most technically challenging as well as fun and melodic to play.

Many of these techniques are derivatives from more comprehensive Interactive Guitar Clinics such as Sweep Picking And Arpeggios and Powerful Modal Theory And Soloing.

Mastery of these licks will catapult your physical playing to an extremely high level. I'd like to challenge you to match the proficiency I demonstrate in this clinic. Easy or difficult, all of these examples deserve your time, diligence, patience and respect for what they're trying to teach you.

I highly recommend you get a metronome or drum machine if you don't have one already. Until then, this clinic includes a few metronome tempos to help with your studies.

Cool? Let's go!




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